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We started in 2020 on the idea of Ferenc Koscsó. During our years in the music industry, we have often experienced that although the listening public often comment on the sound quality of music releases, they seem to know little about the way recordings are made, the world of recording studios, the technical procedures used. The main objective of My Reel Club is to provide information about the making of sound recordings through our events, lectures and writings. It is hoped that this will help the listening public to become more confident in their choice of music publications and to form their own opinions based on their own experience rather than on their preconceptions.

At the same time, we also want to use our recordings as an example of how relatively simple but high-quality technology can be used to go beyond the standards of commercial publications. Of course, we want to provide a musical experience as well as technical interest, so we have brought in top musicians to perform popular and lesser-known musical specialities.

Our technical staff draw on decades of experience to carefully record our music using the most modern technical equipment available today. In our public recordings, audiences can learn about the technical tools and processes we use, the musicians and their instruments, and experience the music live, which they can later listen to on their own home systems.



the crew of My Reel Club

MRC Koscsó FerencKoscsó Ferenc

Creator, owner and manager of My Reel Club. He has spent decades as a designer and systems integrator in the national and international broadcast world.

MRC Papp László 01Papp László
audio engineer, musician

In charge of the MRC's business, owner of the website, producer of our DXD/DSD recordings. He has worked in all but a few national broadcast studios, producing thousands of television, film, radio and music recordings. He has been a member of the International Association of Sound Engineers (AES) since the 1990s. In addition to his main work, he is also a photographer and musician, and has been playing various instruments since childhood.

MRC Perczel Tamás 01Perczel Tamás

Expert, maker and careful master of analogue tape recordings. He has decades of practical experience in analogue recording, owns and uses legendary tape recorders (Otari, Nagra, Studer), has played the piano for 8 years and is an avid concert-goer.